Nominees for the Amy J. Blue Awards should meet these criteria:
  • dedicated to accomplishment: venturesome, take responsibility, and get things done
  • committed to people: involve, challenge, and support others
  • positive: energetic and passionate about their work

Amy J. Blue Awards are presented to three staff members each year.

Who may be nominated?

This award is only available to regular University staff members.  Only individual non-exempt, bargaining unit, or exempt University staff member who meet the award criteria can be nominated.

Who is not eligible?

Faculty members, teaching staff, temporary staff, groups of staff, employees of Stanford Healthcare, and employees of Stanford Children’s Health. These Stanford community members may be eligible for other university awards.

When and how to nominate:

The nominating period for the 2022 Amy J. Blue Awards is February 6, 2023 to midnight February 24, 2023.

The nominating form is available here: Amy Blue Award 2023 Nomination Form

What if I have questions?

You may send questions to the Amy J. Blue Awards committee at
All nominations must be submitted via the form noted above. However, you may send attachments/documents to the committee at this email address.