The Amy J. Blue Awards committee comprises former award recipients and members of the original award committee. The committee carefully reviews all nominations and may gather additional information from the nominees’ colleagues in the process of their considerations.

At the end of each year’s process, the committee does notify all nominees that they were nominated, but it does not share the nomination text or the name(s) of their nominator(s).

We encourage nominators, even if their nominee was not one of the three recipients, to indeed congratulate and thank them for their contributions to the university. All nominees and nominators are invited to the award ceremony.

Amy J. Blue Awards Nomination Frequently-Asked Questions:

Does the Committee carry over nominations?
No, the committee would need a new submission in the current process. It does not automatically roll- over prior submissions.

Who is eligible?

Only individual university non-exempt, bargaining unit, and exempt staff are eligible. Faculty, teaching staff, temporary staff, employees of Stanford Healthcare, and employees of Stanford Children’s Health are not eligible.

Can a person win more than once?
No, a person can be an AJB recipient only once in their Stanford career. Prior recipients are listed at:

We have a group of 20 – how’s the best way to submit our nomination?
The committee has a strong preference for individual nominations, but group nominations (we call it the “birthday card” approach) will be accepted. However, individual submissions, stating the impact the nominee has had on the department or nominator, give the committee a more comprehensive perspective of the nominee than an everyone-sign-my-nomination form.

Can we just send a word document or PDF?
We prefer that you submit your nomination via the online form, but if you have technical problems, we will accept your document over email at:

Can I add comments to existing nominations?
No. The Committee has not determined a way to do this while keeping nominations confidential.

Is there a minimum years of service requirement?
Not really. However, someone with less than three years University service may well be considered “in a future year” given how many nominations are received for those with more years of University service.

Is University-wide impact required?
No, local impact is important. The committee is not generally looking for University-wide impact because so many nominees (especially bargaining unit and non-exempt staff) do not have that kind of scope in their positions.

The Amy J. Blue Awards are funded by an endowment to which Amy’s colleagues, friends and family contributed, by the Kenneth M. Cuthbertson Fund, and by Human Resources Services.